Unique Event Designs - taking your event to a new level!

Working with my team, we will use meticulous planning and thorough execution. As a professional, seasoned in the execution of every event logistical challenge, Unique Event Designs will arrange and precisely oversee the management of your event!

Our job requires us to help our clients through the entire planning process. Though no event can be perfect, our job is to ensure the planning process goes as smoothly as possible and to immediately take care of any potential mistakes and problems that arise on the day of the event.

As a client, with our company, we will provide you a complete source for all the logistics of an event, using an online-based platform (available to you 24/7, from any device with Internet access) for the "Design", "Communications", "Visuals" and "Planning" of your event.

As a client, we will include the Decor, Rentals, and Staffing necessary to Facilitate your event; as well as a connection to our Approved and sometimes Preferred Partners. The staffing resources are used for Setup, Decorating, Teardown, and Clean-up. In addition, we even have certified and permitted Banquet Servers, Bartenders, and Housemen.

For the person looking for work? As UED team members, we believe in "The Golden Rule". As part of our team, you are important. We invest serious resources in our team. You may be temporary staff to our clients, but you are permanent to us.

Together, we can have some amazing events!
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We specialize in Life Moments & Celebrations

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