Christi Clingan


"Professional Showwoman"

Personal Bio: Creating and crafting a visual story has always been a part of my life. Showing my personality and emotions is in my DNA. I love to color, listen to music, driving the open road, and being of service to my family, friends, and community.


My personal skills include: 

  • 28 yrs - Hotel & Food Management

  • 26 yrs - Parenting

  • 25 yrs - Clerical & Administrative

  • 22 yrs - Certified Travel Agent

  • 18 yrs - Event Planning Industry

  • 12 yrs - Business Owner

...and for the experience and travel:

  • 1 yrs - OTR Professional Truck Driving


Traveled the country and experience life outside my little part of the world.

 "I found my happiness in helping others to celebrate their life moments one party at a time!" - Christi Clingan


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