• Christi M Clingan

How do you know when "making the most of your planner" becomes "taking advantage"?

Updated: Jun 24

Don't ask for a consultation before you've signed a contract. While a planner will give you a peek into their services during your initial conversation (like letting you know if they're familiar with your dream venue or providing insight into budgets they can work with), don't ask a planner to start giving you recommendations before you've officially hired them. That first interview isn't the time to ask if they can recommend a photographer or share their catering contacts. You wouldn't want to give away your expertise for free, either!

Don't ask for a discount. The market is competitive, so most vendors are already giving you their best pricing in the hopes of securing you as a client. Trust them and look for the value of the vendors you're hiring, instead of the savings. And don't ask your planner to ask your vendors for a discount, either. We work with these vendors because we know their value, work ethic, and consistency, and it's frustrating when it seems that the value is lost on the client.

Don't forget that they're business professionals. Aside from peak wedding season, planners usually keep normal business hours, and texting for an immediate need for an answer, but don't expect them to answer your texts at 10 pm on a Tuesday. We want to keep organized files and communication records, and there's more space to explain a question or idea in an email." If you're going to call your planner, schedule a time instead of just picking up the phone. "If we have you on our schedule, we can make sure to be in the office with access to any files we might need — which means the call will be much more productive.

Finally, know when the wedding season is! If it's the end of June and your planner is totally booked for the next 6 weeks, avoid calling or texting over the weekends. Chances are he or she is helping another bride down the aisle and will be giving that bride her full attention — the same full attention you'll want on your own wedding day.

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