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Understanding of the job's official title…

Updated: Jun 24

Do you struggle with your understanding of the job's official title…you know, like what is put on a business card and email signature? Don’t worry. I did, too.

Many event planners (and others in and out of the event industry) use the following titles interchangeably when they all have very different definitions.

An event coordinator simply provides coordination services on the day of the event. This includes overseeing and directing set-up and décor, managing the timeline and events of the day, serving as a liaison between the couple and their vendors and also acting as the point of contact for the day.

An event consultant simply meets with a client(s) who intends to plan and coordinate their event themselves but sees the value in seeking professional advice prior to beginning the planning. After reviewing their budget, guest count, and overall event wish list, the consultant will offer practical insight, suggestions, referrals, and any other agreed-upon information. A consultant is paid hourly for services rendered.

An event planner encompasses both the roles of a coordinator and consultant, but typically works with a client at the very beginning of planning and manages all logistical elements of the planning process.

Keep in mind that while an event planner can also offer consulting services and does provide day-of coordination, a coordinator is not always a planner.

For example, let's say a client hires me as their planner six months prior to their event. About half their planning is done but they are getting overwhelmed and they need a professional to take the reins and bring everything together (aka Partial Planning Package). Let's assume I’m not personally available on the day of their event, but my in-house coordinator is. So I help them plan all remaining details, get them organized, create their event day timeline with them, and on the day of their event my coordinator arrives to coordinate the event, but she didn’t handle any of the planning. Make sense?

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