• Christi M Clingan

What's Your Favorite—and Least Favorite—Part of the Event-Planning Process?

Updated: Jun 24

From inspiring site visits to tedious contract negotiations, event planners dish on what they love—and don't love—about their jobs.

Nothing beats seeing the look on clients' faces when they see venues or try things for the first time, as photos just can't convey size, grandeur, and that 'hairs on the back of the neck' feeling.

When the event starts. Seeing everyone networking and hearing the ‘nice job, the best event ever’ comments are wonderful. My least favorite part is the middle-of-the-night moments when you are a dream of working!

My favorite part is seeing the faces of all the guests walking in and you know they are in absolute awe of how beautiful the event is. My least favorite part is when a client plays around with their guest count numbers, resulting in a delayed final seating chart that sometimes doesn't even get finalized until hours or minutes before the event.

My favorite part is definitely the beginning and middle of the event as all of the excitement unfolds. My least favorite part is definitely negotiating contracts.

My favorite part is executing the event itself. It’s so satisfying knowing you helped a group of people has the time of their life. Especially if it’s a team-building event—co-workers arrive distantly and feel awkward but then leave with new friends. Least favorite part of the process is having to turn away clients. Whether we are completely booked that day and that’s the only day they are available, or we cannot accommodate their size or requirements, I always feel bad—but sometimes it’s for the best for the company.

Favorite: seeing the looks of amazement on guests’ faces. Least favorite: my feet at the end of the night!

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